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    A family recreation and kids education organization that's all about you

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    MICCA Kids' Clubhouse

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    Thematic, hybrid children’s edutainment stores in Africa

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    Socially Responsible Resource Center

    MICCA does edutainment with child development in mind

    MICCA, through its Resource Center, is supporting its affiliate(s) in Africa with 3 major CSR projects in for 2020 and 2021 that support learning in children with chronic illnesses, debilitating diseases and autism; transformational thinking scholarships (now, that's NEW!) and cleaning/ recycling toys for sustainable environments (Way to GO!). Go here for more information.

    Babyesstore Fashion and Costume Store

    How do I look, Mama?

    Promoting African culture, skills and talent globally and ensuring a sustainable future exists for African children

    'I Heart My Book' Africa Lounges

    Peer Driven After School Activities, Weekend Clubs and Holiday Camps

    • 'I Heart My Book' lounges are designed for children aged 4 - 14 years, are little libraries/ bookstores/ snack lounges designed to be run run by youth volunteers, adolescents and children who have a passion for reading, writing and creative arts.

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    MICCA is an edutainment focused company that retails educational toys, products and clothing for mothers and their babies, pregnant women and teens and also offers edutainment related services. MICCA is not another toy store, the status quo! Using an integrative approach and a mix of online...
    July 25, 2019
    MICCA Stores just established its affiliate in the biggest market in Africa. This is in addition to starting up in Canada. More details coming soon.
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