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The CEO's August Blog!

MICCA TWNU - Ideas and Imagination that count!

MICCA is an edutainment focused company that retails educational toys, products and clothing for mothers and their babies, pregnant women and teens and also offers edutainment related services.

The thematic approach to MICCA's operational model

MICCA is not another toy store, the status quo!

Using an integrative approach and a mix of online and brick & mortar stores that retail innovative edutainment products and personalized edutainment related services, MICCA provides value to parents, learners and educators alike. MICCA brings to the Canadian and West African market a unique business model and operational framework centered around the educational, social and intellectual needs of the child.

Learning through play

MICCA offers an assortment of educational toys and recreational products; latest virtual reality products and wearable technology; protective apparel for pregnant women, mothers and children; unique baby outfits; and African-fashion summer wears. We want to create a fun, interactive and recreational space where children can come in to play, learn, engage with others and shop. Children will have access to educative toys that can stimulate their intellect and engage their minds, through access to our unique and proprietary thematic approach to providing products and services .

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