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    Providing Supportive 'Learn and Play' Environments Children with Disabilities


    MICCA is supporting a project to expand support for children with disabilities beyond the health sector and hospitals

  • Using a multidisciplinary, children-driven approach.

    Anu & Friends

    Upcoming 3D Animation Video locally produced in Nigeria

    MICCA is supporting a 3D animation series that highlights the importance of the work with Children living with disabilities and chronic diseases. Follow Anu and her friends as they learn more about their long ignored friends, learn new things from them, show them love and visit heroes in the work with children with disability!

    Children Friendly Hospital Units

    Children on treatment have a right to learn!

    MICCA is rapidly scaling up a project that will work with key hospitals and health institutions in Nigeria to ensure that paediatric and MNCH units are not only renovated, they are designed to be kid friendly. Each re-designed units will have a kids edutainment section (the Mini Playhouse) that showcases several intellectual games, books and materials that children can play and learn with.

    My Disability My Dignity

    Providing Direct Support to Parents and Children with Disabilities

    Every child has a right to learn, irrespective of health, social, economic or other status. MICCA is partnering with indigenous African organizations to ensure that the right of every child with any disability and any child with a chronic disease (e.g. cancers) to learn is upheld. Using a combination of technology, edutainment services, multidisciplinary teams of experts, direct support and plain old 'love touches', MICCA will set a new bar in this field in Africa!

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